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Waist’D Pistol

Waist’D Pistol

Do you want a seamless look but fairly new to shape-wear? Are you wanting a waist cincher, butt lifter, and a bit more hip projection in your clothing —- but with minimal work as possible ?

If so—-The Pistol is for you . Its an easy wear.. making this shape-wear suitable for everyday or with a new look on special occasions. It is designed with 90% POLYESTER + 10% SPANDEX.

WAIST, THIGH & BACK COVERAGE :Instantly feel supported and slimmed in all the right places. Designed to effortlessly tuck your tummy, slim your thighs and smooth your back. The firmness and tightness of the shorts makes you feel perfect in any garment.

BACK SUPPORT: The 4-Piece built-in spiral steel bones are more rigid and will keep your back in best posture. No discomfort: The bones are flexible and durable, soft as plastic bones, making it easy to bend but recover quickly to origin. Helps to relief back pain, provides midsection and back support, and improves your posture.

Shape Your Buttock: The Hip-to-Butt cloth-covered design gives your hips /buttock a natural sexy curve and lifts Instantly. This design also builds your sexy hourglass figure.

Suitable for Any Occasion: Invisible underneath any type of clothing; The natural butt lift is great for jeans, dresses or other pants. This bodysuit can be used during working, fitness exercise, formal occasions, wedding, dating, party, daily life. Remember your shape-wear is to expedite fat burn while your moving through the day, to lose weight ,keep healthy, and gives you an overall feminine figure!

    Color: Black
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