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Assassin’s Fav

Perfect Sweat Band Waist Trainer for Women: The Neoprene material  helps increase sweat. The custom built-in 9 STEEL BONES flatten the abdomen to reduce waistline, relieve waist pain, enhance back & spinal support, improve posture, and expedite the workout procedure. The Assassin is 100% guaranteed to help with your postpartum recovery. Let the Assassin wrap and hide your waist fat, and give you an hourglass figure.



Hourglass Machine

The WARRIOR is a Top Pick. It is uniquely designed with the Neoprene Stretchy and Comfortable Fabric. The WARRIOR is easy to clean, fits to your body, and will not pinch or irritate your skin. Its double-adjustment hook&loop makes sizing more accurate for women of all sizes. The mesh backing affords breathability and is thick enough to produce heat and burn abdomen and back fat. This product is a great corset for the postpartum abdomen. The product is wide enough to cover the stomach area and stay put during exercise. The WARRIOR does not dig into your skin. It lays flat all the way around (360). If you have lower back issues, the compression binder around the waist offers lumbar support, helps relieve pain, and improves posture.



4-in-1 Waist'D Effect 

4-in-1 Waist'D Effect: Thigh trimmer + high waist trainer + hip raise + Arm trimmer . The soldier enhances your total body health: relieves muscle pain around the hips, arm, buttocks and lower back. The hips, arm, and lower abdomen press help burn fat in the lower abdomen when hips are lifted throughout usage. The thigh and arm support allows complete freedom of movement. Product is very comfortable to wear all day, and taken off quickly and easily.



Sweat Factory 

Uniquely designed with a heat-trapping fabric that creates an ultimate sweat factor. Product is, breathable, durable, waterproof, anti-cellulite, and slims your thighs. Enjoy a high waist, built in compression with 3 row hooks that flattens waist fat. Pants are suitable for fitness, gym, sports, boxing, running, yoga, cycling and causal wear.Available in Knee and Ankle Lengths



Triple Threat

Gives you the perfect waist trainer + back support +sweat belt. The abdomen double-layer compression, designed with a double - layer abdominal  compression, 12-inch wide design provides more torso area coverage and support shaping, more calories burned, SWEAT factor, and contours naturally. Comfortable straps + zipper combination design. Easy to adjust the size.



360 Snatch

Looking for that perfect shaper to give you that perfect hourglass shape? Our sculpting High Compression Faja with Short and Central Hooks NS06 boast short shorts for extra discretion, 360 degree tummy control,  low back converge, and natural butt lift to get you that overall smooth silhouette underneath all your clothes! Product Details

  • Ideal for: Everyday Wear and Post Surgery

  • Two sets of hooks and adjustable straps

  • Material: Powernet

  • Color: Black

  • Compression: High

  • Zipper crotch for easy bathroom use

  • Made in Colombia



Slimming and Shaping

This shape-wear is made of high-quality fabric, containing 77% nylon and 23% spandex. The High Elastic bodysuit has layers of fabric tightly attached. This provides moderate pressure to the skin pressing your stubborn fat down to help with a overall slimmer look. It also enhances your natural curve. The double adjustable shoulder straps are designed is for anti-skid and anti-rolling.



Double Trouble 

Our multi size waist trimmer band comes in 4MM and 6MM. 4MM fits sizes S-L and 6MM fits sizes 1X-3X.Both bands are 100% Latex-Free ! This provides each doll with comfort, flexibility, and durability. The waist cinching design offers double compression and triple the total calorie burn.



Do you want to create an Amazing Buttlift with a High Definition Contour In A Natural Way? The Sniper  is the Tummy Control Butt Lifter that will instantly have your friends saying - how amazing this woman looks in this shapewear piece. The Sniper’s high waist design will flatten your tummy and waistline while it contours and lifts your entire torso. The butt lifter 3-part adjustable so that you can achieve your desired butt lift with the adjustable built-in hooks. The Sniper is very comfortable and easy to wear underneath any type of clothing.



The Mystique Trainer

This Neoprene Mystique Trainer Belt allows you to Maximize your workout and look great at the same time. The Waist’D Revolver reduces 1-3 inches from your waistline which instantly sculpts an hourglass silhouette. The design provides an easy-on Velcro design, the belt is completely adjustable ensuring a perfect fit anytime. There’s an added hot thermo neoprene fabric, this will allow you to sweat more in your midsection with less effort. The Waist’D Revolver is great for  waist training, muscle toning, housework, gym exercise, yoga or running. The added four bones makes this trainer an excellent choice of back support. 



A Slimmer Hourglass Figure for any Occassion

The Missile trims the waist, compresses belly fat, and lifts the butt. The Missile has three slimming layers: Latex / Nylon / Spandex . The Middle layer is  composed of a latex lining for accelerated weight loss. The Missile provides firm control, remains breathable, sweat free, and moisture wicking to be worn all day long.The U-Shape open bust design makes your chest more attractive while providing firm control to the armpits and back flanks. This creates a slimmer hourglass figure for any occasion . MULTIPLE USES: The Missile is suitable for :✔️Postpartum Recovery,✔️Shapewear/Firm Control ✔️Weight loss,✔️Wedding, ✔️Club/Party, ✔️Work, ✔️Dating, and ✔️Holiday Festivities



High Quality Waist Trainer

The Grenade’s trainer has 9 spiral steel boning that makes the fit more flexible and durable. It’s 3 rows of hooks below the zipper allow you to hook the ends before zipping. Even more there is a protective cloth made of cotton below the hooks that protects your belly not to be caused irritation while zipping up.hey The zipper & hooks are composed of a natural latex which help to reduce 3-5 inches in waist when you wear it. The cotton lining makes you feel comfortable all the day even when you sweat. There’s a natural latex - this gives  you a appropriate tight and squeezed shape.



Enhance your exercise results with the WAIST’D Slimming Cream. It increases sweat, boosts total calories burned, and stimulates the body. The WAIST’D Slimming Cream is activated when your heart rate elevates. This helps the body to sweat more during exercise. The plastic container helps keep the contents in place.



Fupa Be Gone

Do you want a seamless look but fairly new to shape-wear?  Are you wanting a waist cincher, butt lifter, and a bit more hip projection  in your clothing —-  but with minimal work as possible ? If so—-The Pistol is for you . Its an easy wear.. making this shape-wear suitable for everyday or with a new look on special occasions.  It is designed with 90% POLYESTER + 10% SPANDEX. WAIST, THIGH & BACK COVERAGE :Instantly feel supported and slimmed in all the right places. Designed to effortlessly tuck your tummy, slim your thighs and smooth your back. The firmness and tightness of the shorts makes you feel perfect in any garment.



New Addition

Tired of stubborn fat in your favorite dress or skirt?? Want a more rounded/ fuller bottom in those favorite jeans .. Look no more . The Waist’D Rifle is the perfect shape wear  for tummy control, back support, butt-lifting.This shaper is a compression body machine. This means it helps you lose inches by reducing unwanted love handle, fat rolls, Fupa, lumps and muffin tops without causing any discomfort. This body shaper brings out your natural hourglass curves ; no lines, lumps or bumps or bulks.



High Compression 

Did You Someone Say High Compression + Triple Hook?? The WAIST’D Long Range boosts the ultimate curve ! The Powernet materials provides the perfect hugging fit to maintain your curves post surgery, or to wear for body forming use! The triple set of hooks gives that extra room to size down without having to purchase a second faja right away.



Butt+Hip Enhancer 

Are you looking for a shape wear that cinches the waist and provides hip and buttock enhancements? Say goodbye to square- body and hello to your new Machine Gun ! 

The Machine Gun is made of Spandex and Polyester. This see-through full body shaper is composed of high elasticity and compression providing total body control: no lumps, bumps, or bulks. The crotch parts of this shape-wear are made with skin-friendly cotton,breathable material, and comfortable enough to be worn all day long. This shape wear can effectively tighten excess fat and increase the loss of inches by reducing unwanted love handles, fat rolls, lumps, and muffin tops without causing any discomfort.




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WAIST’D Sweat Factory 

 Say goodbye to the flappy belly and HELLO to the WAIST’D SAUNA Training Tights.  This is your perfect choice for naturally and effortlessly shaping your body! The WAIST’D high-waisted fat burning SAUNA pants is an amazing body shaper made with a combination of polyester and spandex. These versatile tights are available in compression shorts, biking shorts, and ankle length leggings. Its neoprene and PU coated lining speeds up the heat circulation to increase sweat and helps in fat burning process. The stretchy and comfortable material makes an easy mix and match with your favorite blouse creating a perfect casual outfit!



Sauna Arm Trimmer

Are you Tired of flappy arms? How about the insecurity of your arms waving faster than your hand ? The WAIST’D Arm Bands is the solution for ARM Trimming/Skin Tightening. The bands have a unique curve-tech design and is composed of high quality material that works at increasing body temperature to intensify sweat. This stimulates, firms, and defines your arms for the toned look you've always wanted. Whether you're exercising, running, or anything in between, you can turn up your workout without extra effort. 



New Addition

The Grenade II is a girl’s best friend !!! Say it with me - Hourglass Corset! The latex design instantly shapes your body- giving you an amazing hourglass figure. This is a multi- purpose trainer. You can wear under your favorite garments, as well as to the gym . 


-4 Row hook-and-eye design

-9 Powerful Flexible Steel Bones

-2 part design: Outer layer is made up of 100% natural latex. The Lining is designed with Cotton-Spandex materials  to absorb moisture and provide a soft shield against your skin. 


-Sculpts 2-4 inches from your waistline,

-Flattens belly and bulges,

-Postpartum recovery

-Supports your back and helps to correct your posture,

-Stimulates thermal activity in your core, 

-Decreases overeating/binging,

-Burns Fat,

-Prevents Injuries during weightlifting, and

-Increases perspiration during exercise.



The Latest Collections




The Guerilla Sweat Vest corrects posture, provide immediate abdominal pressure on waist, and allows back support for OTJ training, workouts, and daily activities. The special Neoprene material helps to perfectly fit your body while contouring those stubborn abdominal and back areas.The comfortable waist band helps to keep your back aligned during your workouts, on the job (heavy lifting), and day-to-day activities. The sauna sweat workout vest also keeps you warm on cold days.



Sauna Tank Top

The “DRACO” is the new sweat machine! The tank top is made of neoprene material, “the ultimate weight loss ingredient.” The DRACO allows you to sweat more by heating up your core during exercise. The compression allows you to eliminate toxins and extra water weight. This sauna tank top will:✔️Ramp up perspiration to burn excess calories, ✔️Reduce tummy fat for your improved health ✔️Slim your waist ✔️Offer a snug to fit with a convenient front zipper to put on✔️Take the pressure off of your shoulders, and will correct your posture with the wide straps ✔️ Improve your body image, can be worn under jacket or dress clothes



Fitness Wear that promotes compression, tummy control, and moisture wicking.


Not Your Average Sweater Dress

A Dope, Fly, Unbothered, and Never Basic BBW

Where are my BBWs? I mean A Dope, Fly, Unbothered, and Never Basic BBW.. If that’s you - you’ll love this Fashion Hoodie Sweater Dress .  This Fashion Hoodie Sweater Dress is Definitely Versatile! The soft material keeps you cool for your everyday wear. 



When I WALK Through 

The “Attention” high waisted leggings are versatile leggings with slimming, push up and a textured design, intended to hide the appearance of cellulite and imperfections. Features an improved silhouette, thanks to the extremely elastic compressed fabric. 
The detailed sculpting fabric affords your legs and butt with a duo slimming /contouring affect. Not to mention the perfect textured pattern to carefully mask  any cellulite and the compression lifting fabric to sculpt your curves. The Attention tights allows you to perform for all activities weather its hanging out around the house or going out for a workout, you will feel comfortable and secure. 
-Very Durable Fabric Material-High Stretch Quality Spandex-Maximum Confidence Booster




This four way stretch two piece is sure to have you receiving salutations . The Salute Me Two Piece Bodysuit promotes both soft and compression. The material is 78% nylon and 22% spandex. The fabric is very stretchy. There’s a significant compression detail- allowing high impact on thighs, core and buttocks. The material is skin-friendly, moisture wicking comfortable, completely breathable, and provides medium thickness. The SALUTE ME is a multipurpose Waist’D Apparel : casual,yoga, weightlifting, running aerobics dance, active sports, physical therapy/training.



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